Context & Narrative

Rob Townsend

Submission for Assessment

This Learning Log represents the online portion of my submission for formal assessment of course ‘Context & Narrative’. It should be reviewed in conjunction with the set of prints for Assignments 1, 2, 3 and 5 sent to OCA.


1: Look Closer

Assignment submission | Tutor report | My response


2: Photographer’s Block

Assignment submission | Tutor report | My response


3: Surface Tension

Original assignment submission | Tutor report | My response Revised submission


4: Facebook, Menlo Park, California by Alec Soth

Assignment submission | Tutor report | My response


5: Two Ways of (Still) Life

Assignment submission | Tutor report | My response



The overall Learning Log can be navigated as follows:

  • Assignments: preparation, submission, feedback and rework per assignment
  • Coursework: projects and exercises, organised per section of the course
  • Research & Reflection: book reviews, exhibition reviews, discussions of specific photographers and other miscellany

Thank you for your time and attention.

– Rob Townsend, 15th January 2016